Vision from Above

Be Disciples. Make Disciples.

The VISION that that put a fire in our belly is….

Be Disciples. Make Disciples.

Jesus said this is what following him is all about, so that is good enough for us. We are not a church that just wants to go through the motions so we can get a gold star on our good person belt, we are joyfully serious about following Jesus and learning to live into everything that he purchased on the cross for us and the world.

Deeply connected to that vision is our MISSION:

We are learning to build a family of followers of Jesus, empowered by the Spirit, joining in God’s mission to see the Kingdom of Heaven transform earth.

The vision is simple, but not easy. So we want to be intentional about the way we invest our time, energy and resources, flowing out of these PASSIONS:

Keep Discovering

Whether you have been walking with Jesus 5 minutes or 50 years, there is always more of God!  If you’ve stopped learning, you’ve stopped growing and you’ve put God in a box. But if we keep a childlike, humble, hunger for more of God, then we can rest in His promise to continue to transform us “from one degree of glory to another” to be and do like Jesus.

NO Superstars

There are no superstars in God’s church, except God! God has this radical idea that every one of His beloved kids is called to what the bible calls “ministry.” So, along the road of following Him, He wants each of us to discover and develop our gifts and passions, along with how to walk in the power of the Spirit, so that we can each be empowered to truly reflect and represent Jesus in our homes, church, community and the world and see His Kingdom advanced!

God is Good!

We are sooo passionate about this one. Frankly, somehow it has become quite common to blame God for bad and evil things happening in the world. But Jesus reveals the heart of a perfect heavenly father who delights to give good gifts to his children (Matthew 7:7-11 and Luke 12:23). Here’s a message on this critical topic…

God is powerful, personal and present!

Jesus reveals that God the Father desires to: be radically present in our lives (He sent the Holy Spirit after all), be very personal in how he relates with us (prophetic words are awesome for this), and demonstrate His power that makes the impossible possible (We expect miracles).

Serve the City, expect revival.

Over the last several years God has given us the call the get OUT in the community and be a positive presence that represents Jesus through simply serving our city. As we do this we believe God is preparing the soil for revival.

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