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The Power Of Testimony…

As followers of Jesus we believe that God wants to work in our lives in such a way that there is always something fresh that we can share of what God is doing.  If someone asks the question “What has God been doing in your life lately?” we believe that there can always be an answer of something fresh, real and powerful. This is because we serve a God who wants to work in our lives in ways “beyond what we could as or imagine (Eph 3:20)” and that as followers of Jesus we know that there is always more to learn and grow since God is working to transform us from “one degree of glory to another. (2 Cor 3:18)”  So on this page you will hear some stories (testimony) of some of the ways that God is working powerfully in the lives of the Elevation family as we devote ourselves to knowing him.

Also, as you hear these testimonies, know that God wants to work in similar ways in your life.  Revelation 19:10 says that “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”, simply meaning that when testimony about the work of Jesus is given, it is also a spiritual invitation to the hearers that God wants to do the same thing again in their lives, if they are open to it.  So as you listen, be encouraged and know that God wants to work in fresh and powerful ways in your life.  Be Blessed!

Audio Testimonials

Nancy - healing from major, chronic shoulder pain, while reading God’s word about healing!

Mark - from wheelchair to running! Mark shares about many years in a wheelchair that changed through a dramatic move of God on one morning, a miracle of healing from the inside out-that God is still doing.

Chris – an honest account of struggle and freedom from the need and desire for alcohol.

Tim - healing from scoliosis while at our men’s breakfast, WITHOUT even asking for it!

Julia - she and her husband both received a physical healing in a Sunday service on the same day, WITHOUT even asking for it!

Alicia - instant and complete healing from life-long asthma!

Stacia - a powerful experience of God in prayer brought a dramatic reversal in her father’s health, as well as healing for her own chronic back pain.

Shawn – Shawn shares a physical healing that came as a much welcomed Christmas present that removed major pain, stress and financial strain.

Bob – Bob shares the very personal story of how he took a stand for righteousness within his own family but then how the Holy Spirit called him to also love as Jesus modeled and be the peacemaker that extends grace and embodies God’s heart of love.

Nancy – Nancy shares a story of forgiveness, hope and restoration about how God has empowered her to let go of bitterness and extend forgiveness towards an ex-husband and through that how God has restored relationships and given her a new level of freedom and joy.

Larry – Larry shares the story of the dramatic day that went from letting go of the handle bars of his motorcycle and giving up on life, to seeing God intervene and literally guide him to the place where he would surrender control of his life to Jesus.

Brandon – Brandon shares the journey of hearing God’s voice that he has been on for over a year that started with a prayer of surrender at the gym and led to praying for people in the parking lot of his workplace.

Kaitlyn – Kaitlyn, one of Elevation’s awesome youth (8th grader), shares about how God is inviting her into a deeper, more real relationship with Him.

Video Tesimonials

The faith of a child brings a taste of heaven to earth in a Taco shop!!

Many more coming soon….

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