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The Glory of Fatherhood

By Kasey Crawford / June 16, 2024

Father’s Day is a great reminder of the noble mission that God has given every father, to reflect our heavenly father in all that we say and do to build…

Stay Burning, I am coming

By Kasey Crawford / June 9, 2024

In today’s message we explore Jesus’s parable that teaches us to stay burning as we expectantly wait for Him to pour out revival.

Becoming like Barnabas

By Kasey Crawford / June 2, 2024

Barnabas was known in the early church as the ultimate encourager, leaving behind him a wake of uplifted people everywhere he went. We too, can choose to be intentional about…

Deliver us from evil

By Kasey Crawford / May 26, 2024

Finishing our series in the Lord’s Prayer, we explore how Jesus teaches about the spiritual warfare we were born into, as well as the authority we have to walk in…

Pentecost – God pours out His explosive Power upon ALL

By Kasey Crawford / May 19, 2024

Celebrating Pentecost, we look with fresh eyes and fresh awe upon the awesome truth that God loves to pour out his explosive power upon ALL flesh.

The Revelation of God in Motherhood

By Kasey Crawford / May 19, 2024

God’s description of heaven in the prophetic book of Isaiah shows us that central aspects of motherhood are a reflection and revelation of the heart of God.

The Lord’s Prayer – Our Daily Bread

By Kasey Crawford / May 5, 2024

Continuing our study and practice of the Disciple’s Prayer, we explore Jesus’s profound words: “Give us Today our Daily Bread.”

The Father’s Delight

By Kasey Crawford / April 29, 2024

In this message we explore and bask in the astonishingly good news that the same delight the Father has for Jesus, he also has in giving His Kingdom to His…

The Disciple’s Prayer – Receiving AND Extending Forgiveness

By Kasey Crawford / April 21, 2024

Continuing our study and practice of the Disciple’s Prayer, we explore Jesus’s profound words: “And Forgive Us Our Debts, as We Also Have Forgiven Our Debtors.”

Basking in the “Disciple’s Prayer”

By Kasey Crawford / April 14, 2024

Putting into practice the freedom and power of how Jesus “apprentices” us in prayer.

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