October 16th, 2011 Book of Mark Wk4

This day also marks (pun intended) the 6 month anniversary of Elevation! Continuing our series in the book of Mark, we see that heaven opening over our lives comes through the passionate pursuit of God, the kind of passion that would dig a roof off.

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The Gospel of Mark: Passionately Pursuing God

October 16, 2011  by Kasey Crawford

Today’s Passage: Mark 1:21-2:12 and Mark 1:35-39

Review…(Mark 1:1-2:12)

A framework for understanding Mark: The book of Mark puts on display how Jesus brings more of heaven to earth and invites his followers to experience the same in their life as they drop everything to follow him.

The disciple carries with them two questions at every moment of every day: What is God saying to me? (repent) and What am I going to do about it? (believe); so that little by little every day we turn away from our old life and grab hold of more and more heaven on earth now.

Mark shares a few shocking examples of Jesus bringing heaven to earth, leaving the reader with the question: Heaven is open to you. Are you open to Heaven? Cuz when people have preconceived limits of how God can work, then their experience of God will be limited.

New (Mark 2:1-12 and Mark 1:35-39)

Last week we stopped at not putting limits on God but being open…

But in Mark 2:1-12 and Mark 1:35-39 we also see that for heaven to break through and come to earth….there also must be: _____ passionate __________ of God.

Jesus models a passionate pursuit of God for his followers and demonstrates that one of the most powerful ways of pursuing God is getting _________ with God.

These two passages (Mark 2:1-12 & 1:35-39) have mutual demonstrations of how to passionately pursue God.

1. They model that the pursuit of God means we put in __________.

How can you make the effort to pursue God when it isn’t convenient?

The kingdom of God comes in our life as we go deeper in our ___________with God. And what deep relationship in your life takes no effort?

2. The passionate pursuit of God includes an investment of _________.

Time is one of the most precious gifts that God has given us, and how we invest it shows what we ___________.

Does my day include more ___________ things than what Jesus was doing?  If not then we too, as Jesus modeled, can make the __________ of spending time alone to pursue God.

3. The passionate pursuit of God includes ____________ finding ways to be with Him.

If you are having trouble getting alone with God, how can you get more creative to pursue God?

Look at other things in life you love and examine the creativity you have used to _________ them, then apply it to pursuing God.

These passages leave the refreshing example of people who let nothing hold them back from pursuing God in their life.  They had many ___________ but made no __________, to pursuing God. And through that passionate pursuit, heaven was open over their life.