Dec 30th, 2012 Fasting: Hungering for More of God

This last Sunday of 2012, we jump into the Word and discuss the topic of fasting to see how we are to hunger for more of God in our lives.

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Fasting: Hungering for more of God

December 30th 2012  by Kasey Crawford

Today’s Passages: Matthew 6:16-18; 4:2-4, Mark 2:18-22, Acts 9:1-19; 10:1-48; 13:1-4

Jesus taught his followers:

16 “When you fast… 17 But when you fast….”   Matthew 6:16–18

Fasting is an _____________ spiritual practice of followers of Jesus who want to see more of the kingdom breakthrough in their life.

Jesus modeled fasting (40 days in the wilderness):

“ ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ”  Matthew 4:2–4

Jesus was hungry physically but he was ____________ spiritually, experiencing life in the soul through closeness with God.

In Mark 2:18-22 Jesus teaches that fasting is done to ___________ ourselves for a ________ work of God’s Spirit in our lives.

In Acts 9:1-19 Paul was fasting when God revealed his ________ and ___________ for Paul’s life. “This man is my chosen instrument…”v.15

In Acts 10:1-48 Peter was fasting when God ___________ God’s heart for the Gospel going out to the Gentiles.

In Acts 13:1-4 During a corporate fast at the Church in Antioch, they received _____________  for a decision about who should go on a trip (Barnabus and Paul).

The basic idea of fasting is simple but powerful: we give up something that we need and/or want (food) in order to _________ on pursuing something we need and want even more, namely, more of Jesus’ ____________ in our life.

At times its healthy to set aside even good things in order to purify our hearts and put ________ __________.

Put in discipleship language, we (Elevation) are always looking for more ways in which we can ____________ ourselves more fully to pursuing Him in order to see His Kingdom breakthrough into our lives. Fasting is one such pursuit.

Your physical hunger is meant to remind you of the things that you are really hungry for in life with God. So spend your hungry energy __________ for those things.

This will be a time of heightened spiritual ___________ but breakthrough only comes if you have ________ to pursue God with.

“Without being combined with prayer, the Word, listening, it will be little more than dieting.”-Jentezen Franklin

What kind of fast should I do?

________ you choose to fast from and how _______ you choose to fast for is a choice between you and the Holy Spirit.

This fast kicks off our year together by declaring to the Lord that we are ___________ __________ (consecrating) the year to see God’s Kingdom come in our lives. 

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