2021 Vision Workshop

What are you aiming at in 2021?
If you aim at nothing you usually hit it.

One important way to begin the year with “expectant devotion” and “joyful sacrifice” is to spend time reflecting on those areas of life that we are hungry(asking, seeking, knocking) to see God’s Kingdom break in.

But rather than having those goals/dreams floating in and out of our minds randomly, let’s be intentional to sit down, let the Spirit lead, and come away with some specific, concrete ways we can be praying for breakthrough in 2021.

And how is God asking for us to respond with action/obedience to “co-labor” for those breakthroughs?

And who are you “holding hands with” in community for strength, encouragement and prayer support?

These and other aspects will be covered in a power-packed workshop.

Here is a link to the worksheet: 2021 Vision Workshop Worksheet

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Kasey Crawford