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Overcoming Division through Courageous Communication

By Kasey Crawford / March 20, 2023

Division in the body of Christ is the greatest threat to the mission of The Kingdom of God advancing on earth. Thankfully Jesus has the solution: Overcome Division with Courageous…

Overcoming Anger

By Kasey Crawford / March 12, 2023

We live in a world where anger is a vicious cycle that damages, disconnects and destroys relationships but Jesus has a Kingdom practice to overcome anger: initiate and pursue reconciliation!

High Character is the New Normal

By Kasey Crawford / March 6, 2023

Do you suffer from a Reformation Hangover mindset? Or are you willing to trust Jesus at His word that as you allow Him to reign as King in your life,…

The Beatitudes

By Kasey Crawford / February 27, 2023

Jesus begins his vision for the Abundant Life by inviting us to take joy in the divine favor upon our lives in 8 different ways!


By Kasey Crawford / February 19, 2023

There is one united theme to open the creation event of the Sermon on the Mount: Blessed! Jesus invites us to live with “JOY because of divine favor.”

THE Vision for Life

By Kasey Crawford / February 13, 2023

As we start exploring the Sermon on the Mount, we see Jesus begin to create a vision for life that bridges heaven and earth, what Jesus calls “the Kingdom of…

Building YOUR Abundant Life

By Kasey Crawford / February 5, 2023

How are you building your life? As we begin a series on the Sermon on the Mount, we start with the end, where Jesus calls each individual listener to build…

New Normals

By Kasey Crawford / January 29, 2023

Coming out of the fast and feast, we want to be extra aware of the Spirit’s promptings toward “new normals” of walking with God.

AIM as HIGH as you can possibly imagine

By Kasey Crawford / January 29, 2023

What is your Vision for your life? The apostle Peter encourages us to: AIM as High as you can possibly imagine, and then do everything you can to move toward…

Self-control is Freedom and Joy

By Kasey Crawford / January 15, 2023

Far from a restriction to hold us back, self-control is a purpose-filled step on the pathway to great JOY in God.

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