Kasey Crawford

Immanuel – God WITH us in Power

By Kasey Crawford / December 21, 2023

As we celebrate Immanuel – God WITH us, we explore how the birth of Christ initiated new normals of God with us in Power through the Holy Spirit.

Immanuel – God WITH us in Weakness

By Kasey Crawford / December 10, 2023

As we celebrate Immanuel – God WITH us, we explore how he chose to be WITH us in weakness, yet without sin, so that he could both sympathize with us…

Remembering God WITH us

By Kasey Crawford / December 3, 2023

The Christmas season is a mighty declaration of: Immanuel – God WITH us. We can celebrate well with gratitude and praise through intentionally Remembering the many ways that God has…

Thanksgiving as a Way of Life

By Kasey Crawford / November 27, 2023

Thanksgiving is not simply a great once-a-year practice. For God’s people, it is a Way of Life. We are a people of Gratitude, because we are a people of Grace.

Concerning Prophecy

By Kasey Crawford / November 27, 2023

The prophetic is a very powerful and needed gift that can quite literally change the course of history, bless many lives and save you from much heartache. We are God’s…

He’s Running after ME; and My Response is…

By Kasey Crawford / November 13, 2023

With only a warm smile of pure goodness and steadfast love, God is pursuing us every day. Our response to his pursuit is absolutely crucial to whether or not we…

He’s Running after Me

By Kasey Crawford / November 5, 2023

Psalm 23:6 gives a profound revelation about the nature of God. The question is, do we actually believe it? To embrace this astounding truth of who God is will heal…

Best Laid Plans…

By Kasey Crawford / October 30, 2023

Plans don’t always go the way we want. How do we respond when plans don’t go the way we thought they should or would? In His encounter with the House…

Baptism Party October ’23

By Kasey Crawford / October 26, 2023

YOU and God’s Word

By Kasey Crawford / October 16, 2023

When you root yourself in the Word of God regularly, it will produce a prosperity of the soul that overflows into a measurable contribution that will build up and encourage…

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